Visiting Jan from camping site Stortemelk

Visiting Jan from camping site Stortemelk The (re)discovery of camping VIDEO – Tenting holidays are absolutely taking off. Due to the corona virus, people have been seeking alternatives to spend their leisure time elsewhere. As a result, camping has been taking up and particularly tenting. Initially, this was driven by ongoing rules and regulations changes by […]

This is the new Hapro Vista rooftop tent

This is the new Hapro Vista rooftop tent We’re aiming higher! We’re proud to present the result of our new collaboration with Hapro: the Hapro Vista Roof Tent. Within just 60 seconds, you can settle down on a lovely mattress, neatly encased in a high-quality polycarbonate / PMMA hardshell cover with the quality that De […]

We have officially opened our new building!

The opening of our new building! The big opening weekend for family, friends and, of course, our customers! We have officially moved into our new building! Over the past few months we have worked very hard to build and furnish our new location, and now it is ready. The windows are in, the stairs are […]

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Vrijdag 8 december zijn wij gesloten vanaf 15.30 uur.

Wij heten je zaterdag 9 december weer van harte welkom! 

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