We are De Waard

We are De Waard

After almost 75 years of experience, we are proud to say that De Waard is the Netherlands’ best-known tent manufacturer. Our tents are known for their unique lines, cotton canvases and, above all, their rock solid and storm-proof quality. Indeed, that was the main objective when founder Machiel De Waard started working on his very first design for a storm-proof tent in 1947. The result was the Albatros, our most popular model that is still sold to this day!

‘You knew exactly when the calls came in’, explains Piet. ‘If a storm had raged heavily on the islands during a summer holiday, many of the ‘homeless’ would stop by Schagerbrug on their way back to order a tent. De Waard tents became almost magical’.
– 1997: Piet de Waard, founder of son Machiel De Waard

Wish to read the full story of the origins of De Waard? Read more on our History of De Waard page!

De Waard continues to grow

‘Consumers from all over the world are increasingly able to find us’, says current managing director Willem Wagenaar, who has worked for De Waard since 2000. ‘Indeed, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have rediscovered the romance of camping. The cosiness, sense of freedom and connection with nature appeals to many people.’ In addition, De Waard now knows how to serve a new target group that has similar wishes, as well as a preference for convenience and comfort. On (nature) campsites, they can use our new range of models such as the Triple Maple, Giant Fir, Big Oak and Round Holly.

‘Despite this being a new market for us, we have tremendous knowledge to serve this market. ‘We have been working with campsite owners for years and therefore know very well what their wishes are’, explains Willem. ‘Our strength lies in our in-depth knowledge of the product and materials, and our many years of experience in the camping sector. This has allowed us to develop a number of luxury tent accommodations for the business market that are well suited to our customers’ needs and wishes. Not to mention, we provide tailor-made advice. We often hear back from our customers that they greatly appreciate our close involvement, and just as important: holidaymakers love staying in De Waard’s luxury tent accommodations. That’s the biggest compliment we can get!’

The Future of De Waard

‘We are really enjoying our new offices and our new adventure has only just begun’, adds Willem. ‘In the coming years, we look forward to helping more people discover the pleasure of a holiday in the middle of nature, in a sustainable tent with a familiar feeling of safety and freedom.’