Dutch Elm

The Dutch Elm

The design of the Dutch Elm makes its success immediately apparent. In 1948, founder Machiel de Waard wanted to produce a sturdy tent that could easily remain standing through a summer storm. He was inspired by the unusual roof of a West Frisian stolp farmhouse, which was located directly opposite his workshop. Because of the low and sloping roof, the wind was unable to get a grip on the tent. The result: a highly storm-proof model and thus a very successful tent. The typical line pattern of a De Waard tent – a design that many campers swear by! – is also present in our Dutch Elm.

The Dutch Elm has been completely modernised for contemporary use and further developed for rental purposes: the walls have been raised allowing the placement of actual beds, and the canopy is now fixed and fitted with side screens to allow comfortable camping outside the tent. Perfect for rental purposes!

But most importantly perhaps: for many customers, the profitability rates of this tent are the main reason for opting for the Dutch Elm!

After 75 years of building tents and working with many campsite owners, we speak from experience when we say that placing tents requires custom work. Are you curious about what’s involved? We’d be happy to explain the ins and outs to you in more detail.

A pleasant indoor climate thanks to the cotton fabric

The Dutch Elm is made of 100% cotton, similar to our consumer tents. Our 100% cotton canvas is what we are so well known for – and for a reason! The cotton has a breathable effect, creating a pleasant living environment and preventing the tent from becoming too stuffy. At the same time, it also has a moisture-regulating effect: moisture and condensation are efficiently wicked away, so you won’t be bothered by wet gear in the tent any time soon. This ensures your guests will enjoy a great holiday: not only outside, but also inside the tent!

A large tent that can be set up as desired

On the inside, the Dutch Elm offers plenty of space, including three sleeping compartments, a large living area in the front for seating and dining, and a large, fixed vario canopy. This canopy increases the living space of the tent and ensures that guests can still sit outside during rain or strong sunshine. This spacious layout ensures that you have a lot of freedom to furnish the tent as desired: choose your own beds with mattresses, equipment such as a fridge, and a dining and seating area to suit your taste.

Lots of flexibility as far as the period in which you rent out the tent is concerned

In designing the Dutch Elm, we have taken into account the ability to easily erect and dismantle the tent. Indeed, this tent is an expansion of one of our consumer tents, which allows for easy set-up and take-down. One advantage for rentals is that it offers a lot of freedom in terms of when one sets up and takes down the tent. Are the weather conditions good? Set the tent up earlier or leave it up for longer, so your guests can enjoy their holidays for longer and you can benefit from some additional weeks of rental!

Plenty of room for a family or group of friends of up to six people

The Dutch Elm offers space for six people. So whether a couple or larger family wishes to stay in the tent, the Dutch Elm’s spacious layout provides plenty of options. In fact, with an average household of 2.13 people in the Netherlands, it actually has space for two families!


Number of people: 6 people
Outer canvas: 340 gram cotton
Ground sheet: Bisonyl
Frame: Powder-coated steel
Entrance height: 200 cm
Ridge height: 250 cm

Living area: 450 x 200 cm
Sleeping area: 3 ruimtes van 150 x 260 cm
Dimensions with canopy: 450 x 650 cm
Dimensions of the canopy: 190 cm
Colour: Beige / anthracite

Dutch Elm


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