Round Holly

The Round Holly

The Round Holly is our luxury dome tent. With its domed appearance, the tent really gives a sense of security. The round shape creates a romantic atmosphere both inside and outside, and the large window allows guests to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view. Depending on your needs, the Round Holly is suitable for two to four people, and can be furnished with a lovely double bed, shower and possibly even a kitchen. For those who wish to transform the tent into a true love nest, you can place a lovely bathtub in front of the window and enjoy the view from the tent. On the outside, the dome still includes the recognisable canopy of a real De Waard tent, providing additional outdoor living space. Both inside and outside, this dome tent is guaranteed to give your guests an idyllic stay!

After 75 years of building tents and working with many campsite owners, we speak from experience when we say that placing tents requires custom work. Are you curious about what’s involved? We’d be happy to explain the ins and outs to you in more detail.

Unique for a dome tent: canvas made of polyester cotton

Why should you opt for a dome tent by De Waard? We are one of the few, if not the only, manufacturer to produce these types of tents from polyester-cotton canvas. The cotton provides a breathable effect, which means it doesn’t quickly become stuffy inside the tent, ensuring a pleasant living environment. In addition, the tent has a moisture-regulating effect: moisture and condensation are wicked away, so guests aren’t bothered by moisture inside the tent. The polyester part actually makes the fabric less susceptible to external influences, making the tent much more durable.

To increase your number of rental weeks, try the insulating inner canvas

On the inside of the Round Holly, it is possible to fit an additional insulating inner canvas. At low temperatures this canvas keeps the cold out better, whereas at higher temperatures it protects against the heat. This allows you to rent out the tent earlier in the spring and longer in the autumn, so you can welcome your guests for an even longer period of time. As the icing on the cake, the insulating inner canvas with a quilted pattern also provides an extra cosy effect!
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Set up the tent in your preferred way

The round shape of the Round Holly offers many possibilities for furnishing the tent completely to your liking. As an example, we opted for a layout where guests can enjoy the entire dome from their bed in the middle of the tent. Moreover, there are shielded showers, plenty of storage space for holiday gear and even a luxury lounger for enjoying the view outside. Got any other wishes? No problem! The floor, walls and furnishings can be fully customised to suit your needs and those of your guests.

A dome for couples or young families

The Round Holly is suitable for two people. Although it must be placed in the same room, it is possible to add an optional cot. The tent consists of an open space, which means there are a lot of options when playing around with the layout and walls. Do you have any specific wishes? Please let us know, and we will be all too happy to come up with ideas. 


Number of people: 2 to 4 people(depending on layout)
Outer canvas: 420 gram polyester-cotton
Frame: Powder-coated steel
Entrance height: 200 cm
Rigde height: 350 cm

Cross-section: Ø 585 cm
Dimensions with canopy: 585 x 835 cm
Depth of canopy: 340 cm
Colour: Anthracite


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Looking for tailor-made advice?

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