Visiting Jan from camping site Stortemelk

The (re)discovery of camping

VIDEO Tenting holidays are absolutely taking off. Due to the corona virus, people have been seeking alternatives to spend their leisure time elsewhere. As a result, camping has been taking up and particularly tenting. Initially, this was driven by ongoing rules and regulations changes by various governments, a tenting holiday was the perfect flexible solution to adhere to the changing mandates. 

As a bonus, people were able to experience how enjoyable camping in a tent is. Being in the middle of nature, with both feet on the soil, the smell of the forest, the sounds of the wilderness, and especially the feeling of freedom made everyone appreciate the outdoors.

The popularity of Glamping is increasing rapidly.

Their are two types of people partaking in the increased popularity of tent holidays: 

The first group appreciates the back-to-basics element of camping: pulling together the tent themselves, keeping beers cool in the nearby stream, and making their own dinner on the barbecue. 

The second group prefers a bit more comfort such as their own toilet and shower, a good bed with a actual mattress, and a fully equiped kitchen to cook in. In other words, a lovely pre-build tent including all essentials to enjoy the holiday immediately. People have discovered that these comfortable accommodations, is a fantastic alternative to a flight holiday; it offers all the luxury you need and it forms the base camp to start exploring the holiday destination.

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