Discover the revenue model of luxury tents in three steps

This is what the revenue model of luxury tents looks like

It probably won’t have escaped your attention that the popularity of glamping has increased tremendously. We find that many campsite owners are keen to capitalize on this trend. The appearance of luxury tents adds a lot of atmosphere to a campsite, but the main reason is the interesting business model. Exactly how that works, we explain to you in this article using this example.

Example: the revenue model of our Big Oak

How the revenue model of a luxury tent works, we’d like to explain to you based on our Big Oak. This is a very popular model, and this example calculation shows why:

Step 1: The investments

Step 2: Revenue

Step 3: The result

Camping director Jan about his luxury tents from De Waard

VIDEO – Director Jan was one of the first to start using our Big Oak and currently has four of these luxury tents on his campsite. We visited Jan to ask about his experiences with his four luxury tents from De Waard so far:

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